I am often asked why a Master's educated woman would write "those books". They mean romance, but for some reason, can't bear to say the word... romance. My answer is always and will always be: I love a happy ending. If I want tragedy, hardship, or sadness, all I have to do is turn on the evening news or open the newspaper. That doesn't mean I don't make my characters work for their happily ever after - quite the contrary. I make then work and work hard. There's a reason romance fiction is the largest read genre of mass-market fiction. So many people want to escape into a world where the books they read are rich with two lost souls whose hearts find one another and by the end, they ride off into that gorgeous sunset, together. Romance fiction transports us - if only for a few hours at a time - into a world where we know the ending is going to be happy and fulfilling. Where, when done reading, we close the book with a sigh before re-entering into our daily lives. Romance books are consistent because we, as writers, always give our readers that happy ending that is so often so elusive in real life. If you love romance or have stumbled upon my site, take a look around, read my stories, and "wrap your self in romance"! Happy reading!